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north america The Best Online Bartending School in N. America!

Bartender Online Certification Course

Professional Bartending School's step-by-step interactive course will enable you to quickly master bartending. Each lesson contains audio, video demonstrations, color illustrations, practice exercises, and a control panel to record your progress. Tests can be re-taken as many times as needed to pass the course.

Exclusive, interactive features include quizzes and interactive flash cards that help you verify your learning. After practicing at home and passing the online certification test, you will receive your bartending certification and be ready to work as a professional bartender at any bar, restaurant chain, resort, hotel or night club. Below is a breakdown of 17 great features!

Interactive Lessonsarrow Interactive Lessons

The bartending lessons display on your computer and include audio, video and photos. Each page is a complete learning experience: tips to memorize the drink, the recipe, photos, audio/video, and the supplies you will need to practice. Each lesson has a quiz and a designated practice session.

Audio and Videoarrow Audio and Video

We have included over 2 hours of audio throughout the course. Listen while the instructor explains the drinks and teaches helpful information. There are also video demonstrations of drink preparation in every lesson. The course on CD-ROM contains 2 hours of additional video demonstrations.

Photos and Illustrationsarrow Photos and Illustrations

The bartending course contains hundreds of color photos of each drink and the liquor/liqueur(s) used for the drink, so you can become familiar with the appearance and glassware used. The course also includes a photo sequence of each step in a drink's preparation.

Interactive Quizzesarrow Interactive Quizzes

Each lesson has at least one computer quiz that tests your knowledge. When finished, the quiz shows your score, records your results, and provides the correct answers for you to review. You can re-take all quizzes as many times as needed to achieve a passing score, including the final exam.

Interactive and Printable Flash Cardsarrow Interactive Flash Cards

TInteractive and Printable Flash Cards
The course contains interactive flash cards that you click to quiz you over each important item learned in the lesson. We also include flashcard sets for each lesson that you can print out and take with you. These are the same two-sided cards we use at traditional schools. These memory aids help our students quickly practice drink recipes and customer service tricks.

Practice Bar Simulatorarrow Practice Bar Simulator

iBar, the Interactive Practice Bar, allows you to get behind the world's most realistic bar simulator and interact with all the bottles and equipment within each course lesson. You will learn where all the bottles are located (including top-shelf and cheaper rail varieties) and be able to practice making drinks on your computer at any time. iBar is set-up like an actual bar and allows you to perform steps similar to a real bar.
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Bonus Bottle Tricks Lessonarrow Bonus Bottle Tricks Lesson

This popular bonus lesson (complete with videos) explains the fundamentals of flair bartending for those who want to learn. While this lesson is not required, bartending is part showmanship, so at some point in a career, an excellent bartender should know a few tricks like Tom Cruise in Cocktail!

Student Manual
arrow Student Manual (download)

Real Bars Real Bartenders is the same manual we use at traditional bartending schools. It is divided into 12 lessons that teach you the most popular drinks, divided by category. Our online bartending course is based on this manual. You can view this manual on your computer, or print out a copy.

Drink Recipe Book
arrow Drink Recipe Book (download)

An alphabetized assortment of all the popular drinks of today! Contains over 2,000 commercial recipes for looking up new or exotic drinks. This is the same recipe book we provide to students at traditional bartending schools. You can view this manual on your computer, or print out a copy.

Practice Bar Simulatorarrow ID Log and Incident Report (download)

The identification log helps you document suspicious purchases. The incident report log helps you document anything unusual that occurs in the bar, which helps protect you legally. Just circle the appropriate details and keep working. These logs are also included in the spiral-bound Bartender's Training Manual & Recipe Guide.

Spiral-bound Manual and Recipe Guidearrow Spiral-bound Manual and Recipe Guide

When you enroll in a Combo Package, we ship you our 192-page spiral-bound Bartender's Training Manual & Recipe Guide that combines both the Student Manual and the Recipe books (above) into a single printed guide, a $29.95 bonus! You also receive online access to our Bartender Toolkit, which runs on any computer, tablet, or handheld device!

Course DVDarrow Course DVD

When enrolling in a course combo, you receive our 2-hour course companion DVD that walks you through each lesson! Watch as a professional bartender works through every drink recipe in each course lesson! The DVD shows you how a bartender can quickly recognize and learn dozens of different drinks using a few simple formulas.

Bartending Practice Kitsarrow Bartender Practice Kits

Learning bartending requires hands-on practice during and after each online lesson. We stock all the tools of the trade you need to complete each drink practice session. Unless you already have bartending supplies at home, we suggest adding a practice kit to your enrollment. We carry a full range of bartending practice kits.

Bartending School Certificatearrow Bartending School Certificate

Be proud of this when you earn it. After passing the final online exam, your signed and numbered bartending certificate will be available for download and printing immediately!

Resume and Letter of Recommendationarrow Resume and Letter of Recommendation

We show you exactly how to write a winning resume that highlights your strongest points, including your Bartending School Certification which tells employers that you are a motivated individual. We also provide a personalized, professional employment letter available immediately after passing the final exam! We are proud to vouch for our graduates!

arrow Job Assistance Program

We are happy to recommend graduates to employers! We also teach the first-time bartender exactly where to find work, and how to find the jobs that never get listed in the newspaper! Learn how to interview and where to look for the best jobs!

arrow Live Course Support!

Have a problem Just call us at 1-800-432-4459 and we'll take care of it! That's the benefit of enrolling in a school that really cares about what our students make of themselves!

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bartending studentFun and worth it! A lot better than paying hundreds of dollars for a course at a community college where I have to show up on their time. I would recommend this to ANYONE who wants to get into bartending.
-A.D., Baltimore

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